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Superfoods vs. Nutrient Density

Today we are sharing a blog post from one of our favorite sports nutritionists, Asker Jeukendrup, and his website, The term "superfood" is seen on food packaging, product labels, magazine articles and nutrition websites everywhere these days. There is an abundance of information and misinformation about the newest superfood we should be including in our daily diet. But what exactly is a superfood and how much of it should we eat? We were thankful to find this great blog post which simply explains what a superfood is and how we should be focusing on overall nutrient dense food, not individual superfoods. It's a quick read, and we hope you find it helpful as you make your meal plan for the week!

Asker Jeukendrup, PhD, is a professor at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, the director of the Mysportscience performance consulting firm, and cofounder and co-CEO of CORE Nutrition Planning. He is considered a leading expert in the general areas of sports nutrition, training and overtraining, and recovery.

The views in this guest blog post are not necessarily the views of Sustainable Endurance Coaching, the blog post is simply is a resource for science based information.

We are Coach Al and Trish. Our goal is to share good nutrition and help support healthy lifestyles while keeping it real and simple because we all have busy lives. Nothing fancy, just real food for real life and cycling encouragement for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Please leave a comment or question! Happy eating and cycling!

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