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Fruits and Vegetables

Food As Medicine! WHOOP Podcast

In this Whoop podcast, Dr. Foucher shares what you need to know about processed foods, the role your genetics play in how you metabolize food, and which foods are anti-inflammatory. She also dives deep on fasting, meal timing, and how proper nutrition can play a role in injury prevention and recovery.

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did.

Dr. Julie Foucher's views are not necessarily the views of Sustainable Endurance Coaching, the podcast simply is a resource for science centered information.

We are Coach Al and Trish. Our goal is to share good nutrition and help support healthy lifestyles while keeping it real and simple because we all have busy lives. Nothing fancy, just real food for real life and cycling encouragement for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Please leave a comment or question! Happy eating and cycling

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