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About Me

Albert P. Senft, Phd.

"Coach Al"

My Experience, My Passion

I was a collegiate distance runner and began cycling to rehabilitate an injury – I was immediately hooked and have thoroughly enjoyed riding and racing my bike for the last 28 seasons. I have extensive race experience with over 700 career race starts and over 100 podium appearances in events across the US and abroad. I have attained Category 1 status in disciplines of road, track, cyclocross, and cross-country mountain bike. 


My cycling success came while having a family and a full-time career as a biomedical research scientist. Undoubtedly, my cycling success is a direct result of adhering to a well-crafted training plan and training with a power meter to efficiently use my limited time and maximize my race performances. I have been competing and training with a power meter for the past 15 years, and understand how to analyze the information to hone my athletes' training plans and to help them race more effectively. 

Coaching Philosophy:

One of my primary goals as a coach is to provide each athlete with training plan options that fit their life commitments, maximizes their limited training time and as a result allows them to meet their athletic potential and goals. As a skilled coach, I continually strive to find the best training option for each athlete that builds upon strengths, limits weaknesses and is an enjoyable path along the way. Additionally, my goal as a coach is to educate my clients and provide resources so that they need me less and less over time. That said, I think that just about every cyclist can benefit from coaching – coaching provides an unbiased external view of the athlete. External input is beneficial to everyone.  


  • Ph.D. in Molecular Toxicology

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pulmonary Biology and Physiology

  • ​USA Cycling Level III Coach

  • Training Peaks Level I Certified Coach

  • Work with athletes from beginner to professional

  • Coached athletes to racing category upgrades in road, XC mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines

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