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Smoothy - Quick, Easy & Filling

This past week we were discussing snacks, quick small meals and how to satisfy hunger if you only have thirty minutes to spare! Most of us have busy schedules, pulled multiple ways throughout the day, so how do we make quality, nutrient filled small meals or snacks that can meet our bodies' nutritional demands? By nutritional demands, I mean protein, fat and carbohydrates. Our brains need carbohydrates to think and focus, bodies need protein to repair/build muscle and satiate. Our bodies also need some fat for cell growth and energy.

A smoothie is a really good option if it includes all of the nutrition your body needs. There is an over abundance of smoothie recipes available on the internet. Some recipes have exotic names, and other recipes require a tropical fruit basket to create. But let's keep it simple! Here is a recipe we use and is easily customized by picking your favorite fruits, a few super greens, a serving of protein, a serving of carbohydrates and your favorite nut butter. You can even use this as pre-cycling fuel and drink it at least an hour before you ride.

The Customizable Sustaining Smoothie!

3TBS toasted oats

1 Banana

Fresh or frozen strawberries

Fresh or frozen blueberries

1 TBS Beetroot Powder (optional)

Handful of your favorite super greens

1 Serving high-quality vanilla whey protein powder or plant-based protein powder

1 TBS preferred nut butter (we love peanut butter or almond butter)

Dash of salt

Almond milk


Optional add-ins: 1 TBS ground flax meal, 1 TBS Hemp seed, cinnamon, vanilla or cacao powder.

Place the toasted oats in the blender and blend on high until it is almost like flour. Then add in your fruit of choice and the rest of the ingredients. Pour in some almond milk and blend on high. Blend until it is nice and smooth. Continue adding additional almond milk until you have your desired consistency. Add a little water if you prefer a thinner consistency. We use soda water in place of regular water and it makes the smoothie a little bubbly! The oats will make it thicken so drink sooner rather than later. Pour in your "to go" cup and enjoy on the run!

Our second favorite is oats with banana, cacao powder, protein, almond milk, and peanut butter, it's like a milk shake!

We are Coach Al and Trish. Our goal is to share good nutrition and help support healthy lifestyles while keeping it real and simple because we all have busy lives. Nothing fancy, just real food for real life and cycling encouragement for a

balanced, healthy lifestyle. Please leave a comment or question! Happy eating and cycling!

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