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Sustainable Endurance Coaching Uses INSCYD to Determine an Athlete's Unique Physiology

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What is the best way to improve your power and performance on the bike? Is it sweet spot training? High volumes of long, slow distance? Perhaps polarized training? High intensity interval training (HIIT)?

The only correct answer is, it depends. But YOU will find out just what is the best solution for you, when you discover the building blocks of YOUR power, and how it is completely determined by two fundamental physiological variables.

With INSCYD testing, there is no more guessing and wasting your limited training time. Find out with confidence how you should be training to improve performance and achieve your goals.

How INSCYD Metabolic Profiling Improves Performance

Performance is not random. It can be broken down into a very small number of fundamental components. In cycling, aerobic capacity (VO2 or VO2max), glycolytic capacity (VLaMax), and aerodynamics are most crucial.

With the INSCYD testing, you will learn accurate information about your own physiology. And when you know what your VO2max, VLaMax, Anaerobic Threshold, Fat and Carbohydrate oxidation rates are, suddenly your training will no longer be a bunch of guesswork based on physiological overgeneralization.

Once you have completed the testing and received the results, you will KNOW for a fact which "knob to turn" in your training. - VO2max, VLaMax, or should you practice your ability to oxidise fat?

Imagine the confidence it will give you knowing that you're doing training that is RIGHT for you!

How it works

1. Testing - We’ll have you perform bouts of effort for varying time and intensity using YOUR bike on the trainer or on the road. The testing session is generally completed in 90-120 minutes. You will be given precise instructions to guide the process and collect all the data required to run the analysis in the INSCYD software. No personal contact required! Simply perform the test as instructed and upload the data.

2. Results - You will be sent a full report detailing your physiology, your metabolic fingerprint, and training zones that apply to you as an individual. While others train on fixed, generic percentages of FTP, you will be able to train according to your own physiology and metabolism.

3. Train with no more guesswork

Testing can be done anywhere, simply follow the instructions and upload the data. Contact Sustainable Endurance Coaching now and schedule your test!

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